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Why Lavish

We might be a young company,
but with our inventive product portfolio
we intend to conquer the world. 

We want to
amaze people

In recent years, we have launched our brand in many countries, where we are now a welcome guest at clubs, bars, parties and events. How do we keep the fires burning? It’s all about the passion for our craft. We are proud of our work and want to amaze people with our creations, at parties, with friends and, of course, preferably in the sun. Maintaining a good relationship with our customers and ensuring a consistent high quality are crucial in this regard.


Highest percentage
in top quality

In addition to our wide range of unique flavours, Lavish is one of the few brands with a higher alcohol content of 10% to 21% in our ready-to-drink cocktails. We have been able to mix these while retaining all the natural flavours in each mix. That’s magic as well.

Naturally magic

Pure products that use as few artificial ingredients as possible are becoming increasingly popular. Wormwood is the herb that has been used for centuries as the main ingredient in absinthe and other alcoholic drinks. By adding wormwood in a balanced way, we give our sweet Grape Absinthe and sour Green Apple Absinthe an extra boost. Using their own powerful flavours and without any artificial additives.

An international brand
with global taste

Lavish is produced in Europe. We bring together all the essentials ingredients for our mixes so that they can create the magical flavours of our cocktails and drinks with the best ingredients from around the world.

Become a reseller

We’re growing fast. Supermarkets, off-licences and hotels and restaurants are our most important trade channels and we are always looking for extra routes to everyone who wants to taste ‘The Lavish Life’. You’ll find us where the party is. With promotion teams, at parties and festivals, and we work with artists and influencers who match our Lavish lifestyle.

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