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Our newest Lavish Signature cocktails consists of luxurious flavours and has a high class premium look and feel.

Signature cocktails

Lavish Absinthe Cocktails are a sensual mix of wormwood with thujon (which is the active ingredient in absinthe) combined with popular sweet flavors.

Fruity Favorites
The Originals

Crafted with premium spring water, ‘The Originals’ line celebrates simplicity and sophistication, offering timeless cocktails with rum and whisky.

The Originals
with a kick

Lavish extreme is the strongest version of the original Lavish vodka recipe. Pure filtered vodka combined with the world-renowned standard energy drink flavor. Does not contain caffeine or taurine.

Classics with a kick
in a bottle

Our rich, yet smooth vodka is made in the Wielkopolska province in Poland, and consists entirely of pure, natural ingredients. 100% fine rye and wheat and pure artesian spring water.

Lavish in a bottle