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Indulge in the Lavish Premium Vodka Line, meticulously crafted in Wielkopolska, Poland. Created solely from natural ingredients, our vodka is a blend of 100% fine rye or wheat and pure artesian spring water, meticulously filtered to perfection.
Lavish sets the standard for exceptional vodka, made the only way we know how – simply great.

Vodka from
100% fine rye/wheat
Made with
Pristine artesian spring water
70 cl
per bottle
Premium Hemp Vodka

Another magical mix: vodka & hemp. New good friends. Our new Premium Hemp Vodka is made in Poland using only natural ingredients, raw hemp and pure artesian spring water.

Kush Hemp Vodka

A sense of Nostalgia. Our new Bubblegum Kush Hemp Vodka is a smooth spirit with a subtle candy aroma and nuttiness. With its subtle pink color and characteristic bubblegum fragrance it brings you back to the past.


Our rich, yet smooth vodka is made in the Wielkopolska province in Poland, and consists entirely of pure, natural ingredients. 100% fine rye and wheat and pure artesian spring water.

Highest percentage
in top quality

In addition to our wide range of unique flavours, Lavish is one of the few brands with a higher alcohol content of 10% to 21% in our ready-to-drink cocktails. We have been able to mix these while retaining all the natural flavours in each mix. That’s magic as well.

Why Lavish
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We’re growing fast. Supermarkets, off-licences and hotels and restaurants are our most important trade channels and we are always looking for extra routes to everyone who wants to taste ‘The Lavish Life’. You’ll find us where the party is. With promotion teams, at parties and festivals, and we work with artists and influencers who match our Lavish lifestyle.

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