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Ready to drink
vodka cocktails

Elevate your experience with Lavish Vodka Mixes – a blend of pure filtered vodka and the world-renowned standard energy drink flavor. Crafted without caffeine or taurine, these mixes are not for the faint-hearted. Lavish Vodka Mixes redefine the boundaries of intensity and taste, providing a thrilling libation for those seeking an unforgettable drinking experience.

Made without
Does not contain
caffeine or taurine
Energy drink
10%, 17%, 21%
250 ml
per can
Lavish Ultra Strong
Vodka Mix 17%
Lavish Classic Vodka
Cocktail 10%
Lavish Extreme
Vodka Mix 21%
Highest percentage
in top quality

In addition to our wide range of unique flavours, Lavish is one of the few brands with a higher alcohol content of 10% to 21% in our ready-to-drink cocktails. We have been able to mix these while retaining all the natural flavours in each mix. That’s magic as well.

Why Lavish


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We’re growing fast. Supermarkets, off-licences and hotels and restaurants are our most important trade channels and we are always looking for extra routes to everyone who wants to taste ‘The Lavish Life’. You’ll find us where the party is. With promotion teams, at parties and festivals, and we work with artists and influencers who match our Lavish lifestyle.

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